Keeps In Mind Before Buying Your Laptop.

Buying laptop

Technology is developing day by day. We are one step forward in PCs world. It was time PCs are seen everywhere. No doubt they are still prisent in market. But a great portion of consumer gets the LAPTOPs. It is new trends in Computing. People ask which laptop is best for their need

Here I would like to tell you some important tricks that will help you buying your Laptop.

CPU:               CPU is Central Processing Units. It is the brain of computer. So when you want to buy a new or used laptop you should focus on process. I prefer that you should think big picture. Different types of processer are available in the market. Like i3, i7, core process. As much power of processer will be high as much your laptop will work efficiency.

Core i3 base laptops are average and best for normal home works. Core I5 base laptops make up the majority of mainstream computer. While i7 base laptop is for those people who want the best performance. But here one thing keep in mind it effects your budget also.

Storage:          Storage means Hard Drive. Some people do not demand huge Hard Drive because they think that laptop is not for Storage. But I think that Normal Hard Drive should be in laptop. There are many categories of HD those are available in the market like 128GB, 160 GB, 256 GB and also 1 TB. Normally 512 GB Hard Drive is best for your laptop. But one thing keeps in mind that Hard Drive should be A Class, because it affects on the speed of your laptop.

RAM:             RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is the main memory of computer/laptop. You should have 4GB RAM or more than that. As much you have RAM as fast is your laptop. It means more RAM allows you to run more Application smoothly.

Input Devices:            There are many types of input devices but here I mean Keyboard and Touchpad of your laptop. As you know very well that keyboard is main source of entering data in computer. So as smothery keyboard works as easy you fell. If key of keyboard are hard your find difficulties in typing. You want a key board that has a comfortable layout and some space around the arrow keys.

Second is Touchpad. Touchpad is also very smoothly and you felt easy while moving fingers on the pad.

Size of Laptop:           There is also very important point while you are going to buy your laptop. You should be known your needs if you want Graphics and entertainment type works, so you should be prefer the large size laptop. But if you want having worked just office type on your laptop so you should prefer average size of laptop.

But if your concern is portability so your laptop should be light weight and small size. Ultra book should fit for you. Otherwise 12.5 to 13.3 inches size laptop are more suitable for you.

Screen Quality:          Screen Quality is very  very important and main feature in buying laptop. You have to spend a lot of time on seeing laptop screen. So if you have high quality screen it less harmful for your eyesight. But if you have low quality screen laptop then it may affect your eyesight. So you make sure that screen of laptop is comfortable for you.

Screen Quality also affects on the resolution. Height resolution means you can enjoy HD graphics on your laptop.

Battery:          Main purpose of laptop is it use as portable device. In all portable devices the battery is important issue. Although different companies are working on battery and try to develop better battery that provide long backup.

Laptop needs very long and high quality battery because different types of task run on your laptop affect on the battery life of laptop. As much task you run as much they consumed the battery. If any battery provide 3 hrs to 4 hrs backup is best for you.

Bluetooth and Wireless Networking:           Mostly people overlook this feature of laptop while buying laptop. Now days every one use internet to connect with their friends relative or office staff, it need a internet connection. For this purpose your laptop should have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities. So that you might connect via internet everywhere in the world.

USB: USB is widely used to carry on date from one place to another. It is very common use device now days. You should keep in mind that which one laptop you are going to buy has USB ports. You should not buy any laptop without USB ports.

Upgrade-able: If we take about PCs there is very important feature of upgrade-able it mean if your PCs have facility of upgrade-ability it is better for you. And save your money because you have not to change complete laptop but little components

Budgets: when you are going to buy new or used laptop keep in mind your budgets. You have to keep balance while selecting all features of laptop. You have to make compromise on some features.

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