Protect your computer form virus and Spies


Some Tips to Protect Computer From Viruses

As the technology is increasing day by day Internet attracts us most especially Social Media like Facebook, twitter and Gmail. Yahoo. Online marketing and Banking are also very popular now a day. Most of us spend lot of his/her time on internet. Some people download different types of file from the internet and with these file they have not idea that they are downloading some types of viruses. That affects their Computer and after some time Computer behaved badly. When you experienced this type of problem you should be pay proper attention to it.
Although, protecting Computer from Spies, Virus and Hacking is very difficult. But here I would like to share some Precautions that could save you and your computer from threats.
Install Antivirus Programs:       This is very first step you should have to take to protect your computer from viruses. But here is Question which one antivirus is best for your computer. There are so many types of Antivirus Software available on internet and they provide their Trial Version for more than 60 days. You can download one of them and install on you Computer. But keep in mind your Antivirus Software should be updated and set updated automatically.
Use Window Firewall: Mostly Computer User ignores this aspect. But this is very basic step to protect your computer from virus. It is Window’s own protecting system against viruses and threads. This system warns you as it detect some unusual activity that may harmful for Computer. It can block virus if it is updated regularly.
Browser’s Privacy Setting: It is clear that when you are using internet you have to use some kind of Web Browser. If you aware of privacy setting and Rules the website which you are going to brows. You may better protect your computer. You can change your Browser’s privacy clicking on Safety Button on right corner of Internet Explorer and can stop some websites which you don’t like. Besides this Click Tools Button and then click Privacy and set your desire setting.
Update your Window Regularly: This is also a point that Microsoft provides continued update information on its website. If you update your Window regular basis it save automatically from new threads and challenges faced you while using internet. If you want to update your window just go control panel and select Windows Update icon. In window 7 it was last one.
Don’t Open Email: Email is the biggest source of spreading Virus from one computer to another. So we should keep in mind while open our Email box. We should not open unknown Email or junks mail. It works as when you open an unknown Email Attached file is also download your computer and may cause to activate virus on your computer.
Install Anti-Spyware software: Spyware is software that automatically installed on your computer when you use internet. Working of these software is that they collect your working and personal information. Some spyware record all keys your press on your keyboard, and they used by hacker to hack your Credit Card and Computer as well. Some Antivirus Software also has facility of Anti-spyware. If your anti-virus software does not have this facility you can direct download Anti spyware software from internet.

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