Make Fast Your Firefox Browser


Make Fast your Firefox Browser  and Enjoy More Batter Experience of Browsing.

When we talk about internet the first thing that comes in mind is Browsers. There are many tapes of Browser that are available on internet. But most famous is Mozilla Firefox. That is most likely browsing software Desktop computer. But every one of us experience this software run little slower and take huge memory. This has affect on our Computer ‘performance and cause to slow down speed.
There are many things that we can do to increase the performance of the Firefox Browser. But I recommend following essential.
 Clear Browsing History: As we started Browsing we brows so many websites all the record of those websites is save as a History, it has benefits if we want to history of last day last week we can search it from Browser’s history option.
But we don’t know this cause to slow down our browser’s working performance. So if you want to improve the performance of Browser you should clear the History after one week so that your browser would work fastly. To clear the History Follow the instruction.

Clear browsing history. Go to Firefox menu > History > Clear Recent History… then click “Clear Now”.
 Remove Cookies. When we interact with internet and started to browse Server computer saves some file on the Hard Drive of our computer. With help of that files Computer save some information like computer’s IP Address and Browser history in that server these files are called Cookies. This saves our passwords which we use on the internet. So it is also essential to clear out or remove the Cookies from our Web Browser so that Our Computer runs smoothly.
Remove cookies. Go To Firefox Menu > Options > Privacy > Remove Individual Cookies > Remove All Cookies.
 Unchecked the Remember History: It is default option set by Software Developing Company that save all Browsing History But you can Change this option just following method. This Trick also helps you to increase speed of your Browser.
Set Firefox so that it will not remember your browsing history. Go to Firefox menu > Options then click “Privacy” then change “Remember history” to “Never remember history”.
 Remove unnecessary Toolbars from Browser’s window: you may have experienced that Browser’s have many Toolbars that display on the top of screen. It did not like by the user and also cause to disturbance and reduced the speed of your Browser. So you can remove all necessary Toolbars from Toolbars menu.

Remove toolbars you do not need. Right-click at the Toolbar and uncheck all toolbars you do not need

 Disabled Auto Update your Browser ‘setting: When we connect our computer with internet, there are many options set as auto updated mood. These options some time create concern for the User. So you should Disabled all types of Auto Update Option.

 Add Extensions and Plug-in: Firefox provide so many Extensions and Plugs-in for better performance. Its aim is to provide more utilities for User. OneTab is also such type of Extension that increased your Web Browser’s performance. This extension Grouped all Open Tab in One Tab. In this way the memory used by Browser is decreased. When this extension a new icon is appeared on the Bar. When you press that icon all open Tab packed into one Tab.

Add Extensions and Plug-in: Tools> Add-ons>Extension> Search OneTab>installed.


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