Window 10’s important and Interesting Feature:


Window 10’s important and Interesting Feature:

Here are some important and interesting features of windows 10. In this window the Microsoft introduced some new features that are very important for the new and old user of window.

Update Free:

Yes , if you are running on  you computer window 7 and Window 8.1 you can update your window on Window 10 free of cost. This is very easy and flexible feature of window that makes it very prominent in the eyes of window lovers and users. The best part of the window is that every user who uses Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets will be able to run Window 10 Operating system on his/her devices.

Large Start Menu:

In Window 10 the start menu is presented in full screen than other windows version like Window 8.1. This Start menu has quick start button and also has Wi-Fi on and off button. Besides this, action center has a Notification center. That is helpful for the new user and alerts the user for latest updates.

Easy switch to Desktop and Tablet mode:

In Window 10 Microsoft introduced a quick button. By pressing this button you can turn your Window 10 in Desktop mode and Tablet mode. This 2 in 1 function is very useful and makes the Window more flexible.

The huge collection of Apps for Computer:

In Window 10, Microsoft introduced universal apps design. This design will help the window to modify in any form will be able to work across PCs, laptop, smart phones and tablets. Different types of apps will help the user to edit his/her documents more quickly and easily.

More important feature is that if you have multiple pictures on your Smartphone or other devices merged together and app will automatically delete the duplicate files. This feature enhances your photography’s experience.

Quicker Browser with added functions:

On Spartan some of the new features will allows users search a webpage using touch interface. Reading mode of Window 10 is same as Apple’s Safari that will put different articles in a different layout safe the user from unnecessary elements on a page.

Gaming Features on Window 10:

In Window 10 a new and ever populated feature is introduced and that is Gaming. Playing game becomes easier then before. Window 10 also bring cross play which lets user play with a friend on Xbox One while they are using a Window 10 PC. Besides this with the help of Game DVR, user can share their most important gaming moments on an Xbox by pressing Window+G.  Xbox feature is very remarkable features for those gamer and lover of games.