Make your phone faster

Make your Android phone or any Android tablet work fast and efficient

make your mobile phone quick

With the development of technology mobile phone becomes indispensable commodity in our daily life. Every body is attracted by new and ever popular and increasing functionalities of Mobile phone. Every person wants to use more and more apps in his mobile phone. But limited mobile memory restricted them. We are in big problem we want to use unlimited mobile apps with limited mobile memory.

Besides this when we install app and uninstall some of its file remain undeleted in our mobile phone memory that make cause to slow down our mobile phone. Here are some tips and trick that may help you get ride of used or captured memory by unknown apps. App following these instruction you can make your mobile phone past and efficient.

  1. Use app to clear your mobile cache or storage.

This is very easy fast method to clear or wash out your mobile’s unnecessary files because you have to do nothing just go play sore and download any app. These apps are very useful for this purpose. Besides this these apps provide more function to manage your apps in mobile.

  1. Delete unnecessary data.

Delete unnecessary data and file from your storage device make more space for further data and files. When your mobile’s storage would be free, your mobile will easy search any file from you memory cards.

  1. Uninstall applications

You can uninstall your mobile apps. After using apps you should uninstall apps. But before uninstall any apps make sure it does not have any useful file or data.

  1. Move your data online

This is very easy and advance method that helps your mobile work fast. You should use online tools to move your personal data like pictures, audio, video and any readable file to online. For this purpose many websites provides sufficient storage. Like Google’ Gmail account, you can easily move your personal computer or mobile’s data to this type of account.

  1. Clear cache memory

You can make your mobile work fast just following few steps. These steps help you to a lot to make your mobile fast.

Manu>sitting>apps>Manage application>select apps>Clear cache

Just follow above mention steps. Your mobile apps’ cache will be deleted.

  1. Move your app to SD card

Moving you apps to SD Card is also very easy. Just follow these steps.

Manu>sitting>apps>Manage application>select apps>Move to internal storage

  1. Make backup

Mobile phone is electronic device that could damage at any time. Its data, information and contents can be lost at any time just one click. So you should make backup of your data. For this purpose you can use built in install app backup or install any backup app from Play store.

  1. Resetting

This is last option that can make your mobile at same setting as company set for you. If you have enough knowledge you can use this option other wise above mention tips are the best for you.

  1. Reduce animation.

You can make you android phone faster by reducing some animation that are installed or saved in your mobile phone.