Unlock your Android phone pattern

Recover your mobile pattern or passwords.pattern unlock

The use of android cell phone is increasing day by day. Today in every house and every person has android phone. Privacy of mobile phone is a major problem. We want to secure our mobile for this purpose we set pattern lock and often we forget about it. If you forgot your mobile pattern, you should not worry because it is very simple to unlock your mobile pattern. You have to follow some steps your pattern lock will be open

Note: it is keep in mind you mobile’s software should not corrupt. If it is, may be this procedure did not work on your mobile phone.

Step 01:          Take off your mobile memory card. So that you’re personal data did not loss.

Step 02:          Turn off your mobile phone.

Step 03:          Turn the device on by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down rocker simultaneously.

Note:   In some phones, there may be other combinations like Power + Home / Power + Volume Up / Power + Volume Up and down / etc…. you can try other combinations on yourself and see which ones work.

When you have successfully completed step no 03 your mobile phone will be in recovery mood. This is black screen on which many statements would be written. It may look like below picture.


Step 04:          Select Wipe data/factory rest option using volume button.

Step 05:          Confirm your choice by selecting Yes– delete all user data by pressing volume button down.

Your mobile phone will restart and you would see all your lock and data are deleted and your mobile will be as fresh as a new one.