Efficient Use of Browsers

Short cut keys for efficient use of Browsers:


Mostly every person in the world has idea about internet and its countless advantages. The internet is the one of the vast and powerful resources of getting information. As we are more engaged with internet, we want more and more facilitates to use it efficiently and quickly.

Here some trips and short cut keys that helps you a lot during use of internet in Window.

Short cut keys for efficient use Browsers:

 As you know browser is software that is used to search information from internet. And while using internet we spend most of our time on Browsers. Following keys can save your time.


To open a new Tab in browser                                    Press Ctrl + T

To avoid repeatedly type WWW and (.Com) just type the website name

Press Ctrl + Enter

To Mover the cursor into the address bar:                  Press  Alt + D or Ctrl + L

To refresh or reload a web page:                                 Press F5 or Ctrl + R

To make full screen of your browser:                         Press F11

To normal view                                                           Press F11

To make internet bookmarks                                       Press Ctrl + B

To open the find box to search for text within the web page your are reading

Press Ctrl + F

To close a single selected tab open in browser           Press Ctrl +W

To select open tab in browser                                     Press Ctrl + 1 to 8

To increase Text size in browser                                 Press Ctrl + +

To Drag Link to bookmarks                                        Drag

To switch the last tab                                                  Press Ctrl + 9

To reopen last closed tab                                            Press Ctrl + Shift + T

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