Use WhatsApp on you Computer.


As we know that Whatsapp is very popular social media app for Android phone. When you are using your computer it becomes a problem to answer Whatsapp message. You could not focus on computer or Mobile. You want use your Whatsapp application on your Personal Computer. But now you need not worry because here is very simple Trick that will help you to run your Whatsapp application on your PC browsers.


  1. You should have the latest Whatsapp Application in your Mobile.
  2. You should have the latest Google Chrome Browser on your PC.
  3. You should have internet Connection.

Now you have to follow these simple steps and within minutes you would be using your Whatsapp on your PC.

First: Copy the following URL and past it into your Google Chrome browsers. A webpage will be opened. On left side you will see QR code. You are to scene QR Code using your mobile phone or Smartphone.


Open Whatsapp on your cell phone. Click on right corner three dots. As you click a new dialogue box will be open. Click on Whatsapp Web option. Now scene QR code from your PC browser with your Smartphone. As it completed Whatsapp will open on your Browser. Just enjoy Whatsapp on your computer.

QC code whats

Note: Whenever you want Whatsapp on your PC you have to scene QR code.