Bluetooth can cause to hack your Smartphone:

bluetooth hacked

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Smartphone is most commonly used commodity now days. As the technology is increasing day by day the threats and challenges for Smartphone are also increasing. A few years ago we listen and talk about website hacking, server computer hacking, Credit card hacking and bank account hacking. May be some of you have experienced one of above mention threats. But now Smartphone are also being hacked by hackers.

Yes believe it your Smartphone is also hacked, it doest not matter whether your mobile is of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Google, and LG and any other famous brand. It can be hacked if you leave your mobile phone’s Bluetooth on. When you are in public gathering it is chances to hack your mobile phone via your Bluetooth.  Hackers can do it just in few seconds by using different types of coding or software.

Main causes of to leave Bluetooth on:

There are many reasons to leave your Bluetooth on.

  • It is possible you are using Bluetooth hand free.
  • It is possible you are using some exercise monitor gadget.
  • It is possible you are using smart TV at you home.
  • It is possible you are using Bluetooth printer.

What can happen if your mobile phone is hacked?

  • Your personal data like your personal pictures are steeled.
  • Your personal Emails and Email account information are hacked.
  • Your mobile phone is controlled by hackers.
  • Virus can be spread in your mobile.
  • Your contents are copied and deleted.
  • Your text messages are read, copied and deleted.

How can you save your Smartphone?

There are some tips that can help you a lot to save your personal data from your mobile phone.

  • Don’t leave your Bluetooth on in public.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth after use it
  • Set your device’s visibility to “Off”
  • Use a security code whenever pairing with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Don’t accept any Bluetooth connecting request in public.
  • Only use trusted Bluetooth Accessories Company.
  • Lock your home when you are at home and your Bluetooth is on.
  • You can use some kind of security software.