Zoom is attacked by Hackers.

Don’t open fake Zoom meeting emails.


Image by Google.

Zoom is attacked by Hackers.


As we know that due to Conravirus , the use of zoom live steaming website is increased.  More and more people are using Zoom and same like other apps to keep contact with their dear ones.  A few days ago the company announced that user of zoom had more than 300 million active users.  This is cleared its popularity in people.

But few days it is reported that Zoom accounts are attacked by Hackers.  According to a famous security related website “Abnormalsecurity” the number of zoom account had be hacked by malicious people. It its account, the company said near about 500,000 Zoom Accounts are hacked.

Way they adopt for hacking.

The hackers send you a fake email in which you are asked that you are fired from your job. Promptly contact with your Boss through video conference. The Hackers can send you same time email or similarly that type of email.

Precautionary Measurement:

  1. The user should, if he/she find that type of email, don’t open through sent link but manually type URL in your browsers.
  2. The Reader should be careful when he/she say any email from unknown name.
  3. Don’t share any type of personal account information with other.
  4. If by chance you become victim of that type situation, please don’t share your Debt Card and Bank account information at any cost. If you have any problem direct contact with you bank staff or manager

Note: Google has banned the Zoom app from all employee computers over ‘security vulnerabilities’