Record Skype Audio and Video Calls

Record Skype Audio and Video Calls in very simple steps.


Picture By Google.Com

Skype is the most famous feature that is for connecting you with people that matter most in your life and work. Moreover Due to Conravirus its use is increased rapidly especially in online safe meetings. Wither you are using mobile, Xbox and Computer, you can easily use this app for HD Voice and Video Calling.

Captures your happiness moments and share it with your friends and family member.

To captures or Recording your Audio and Video call on Skype you have to do just a few steps

Step One:       Make a call to the person whom you want.

Step Two:      Click THREE dots on your downward right side of your mobile screen.

Step Three:      Just Click Start Recording.

Step Four:       When you End your call just Click End calling.

Recording Features:

  1. After stopping the recording you can save on your mobile phone storage device in MP4 format.
  2. You can share this recorded video by clicking the Forward button.
  3. When you will start recording your video or Audio calling. An automatically a notification will be sent to all other persons who are involving in meeting with you.
  4. The recording will be posted to your conversation and stored on Skype’s servers for 30 days

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