The Impact of Video Games:

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A few moth ago, it was considered that video games have bad impact on the children’s growth, especially when children play such games in which violence is shown. I do not say this that those people are wrong who has this type of theory. May be they are justified in some extent in their views. But I’m sure this would not be without any reason. Definitely they must have some sound logic behind this theory. But now here I would like to share what the psychological science said about in this context.

As we know that due the coronavirus pandemic changed many of our traditional activities for our kids such as going to some picnic place or some hill station or other one. The children seem very bored in these days so as necessity is the mother of invention, they also find out some new way to socialized them with their friends through online gaming. This trend is getting popular in all the country of the words especially developed countries.

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This activity of children is not good sign for their parents, because they think that their children are going in wrong direction while playing video games. They think that such types of games create violence in their children and lead try to link video games with aggressive behavior. A recently a new findings published in the journal perspectives on Psychological Science. The results of these findings changed the perspective views regarding the video games. According to this research there is not clear link between video games violence and aggression in children. Christopher J Ferguson, the professor of psychology at Stetson University said “We found that violent video games do not appear to be linked to aggression”

Ferguson, the new Meta analysis said, “Games are now more important than ever for socialization, feeling autonomy and control during an uncertain time, and just de stressing. Another research published by Say Wah in title “The impact of videogames “in University of Bebraska Lincoln say “The players who played shooting games had an increase hand eye coordination and attention to detail. The research further says that “Videogames do have benefits for its payers”


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