Set your Facebook to Dark Mode

Change your old Facebook Mode with a New Dark Mode.

facebook dard mode

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Everyone around us is using Facebook for entertainment as well as for business use. Facebook announced a lot of features like messenger service, A desktop App for messenger, helping business connect with customers, Creating Group facility and New way to meet your new friends etc etc with hundred of Languages according to the need of time, but did not change its interface.

One thing that is not changed was its User Graphic interface. We are forced to see same typical blue color with white combination view and we are not allowed to change its color or customize it according to our mood. Especially its white mood would be the cause of irritating at night time and cause to pain our eyes with so bright color.

Now Facebook announced a new with ever popular feature in which most especially it’s Dark Mode . Yes Facebook announced its new with Dark Mode. Now you can get rid of old white interface mode with Dark mode . The view option is designed to reduce the brightness of your computer/Laptop and mobile and  can save yourself from white color. You can change your default mode e with new Dark mode and Dark mode to Default mode just with one click.

How you Change into Dark Mode

To Change the new design, go to the Settings menu and choose the option that says “see new Facebook.” To switch back, go to the same menu, but select “switch to classic Facebook

Note: If you don’t see “See new Facebook” then just wait because in your reign this facility may be would not updated yet.