Efficient Use of Browsers

Short cut keys for efficient use of Browsers:


Mostly every person in the world has idea about internet and its countless advantages. The internet is the one of the vast and powerful resources of getting information. As we are more engaged with internet, we want more and more facilitates to use it efficiently and quickly.

Here some trips and short cut keys that helps you a lot during use of internet in Window.

Short cut keys for efficient use Browsers:

 As you know browser is software that is used to search information from internet. And while using internet we spend most of our time on Browsers. Following keys can save your time.


To open a new Tab in browser                                    Press Ctrl + T

To avoid repeatedly type WWW and (.Com) just type the website name

Press Ctrl + Enter

To Mover the cursor into the address bar:                  Press  Alt + D or Ctrl + L

To refresh or reload a web page:                                 Press F5 or Ctrl + R

To make full screen of your browser:                         Press F11

To normal view                                                           Press F11

To make internet bookmarks                                       Press Ctrl + B

To open the find box to search for text within the web page your are reading

Press Ctrl + F

To close a single selected tab open in browser           Press Ctrl +W

To select open tab in browser                                     Press Ctrl + 1 to 8

To increase Text size in browser                                 Press Ctrl + +

To Drag Link to bookmarks                                        Drag

To switch the last tab                                                  Press Ctrl + 9

To reopen last closed tab                                            Press Ctrl + Shift + T

Unlock your Android phone pattern

Recover your mobile pattern or passwords.pattern unlock

The use of android cell phone is increasing day by day. Today in every house and every person has android phone. Privacy of mobile phone is a major problem. We want to secure our mobile for this purpose we set pattern lock and often we forget about it. If you forgot your mobile pattern, you should not worry because it is very simple to unlock your mobile pattern. You have to follow some steps your pattern lock will be open

Note: it is keep in mind you mobile’s software should not corrupt. If it is, may be this procedure did not work on your mobile phone.

Step 01:          Take off your mobile memory card. So that you’re personal data did not loss.

Step 02:          Turn off your mobile phone.

Step 03:          Turn the device on by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down rocker simultaneously.

Note:   In some phones, there may be other combinations like Power + Home / Power + Volume Up / Power + Volume Up and down / etc…. you can try other combinations on yourself and see which ones work.

When you have successfully completed step no 03 your mobile phone will be in recovery mood. This is black screen on which many statements would be written. It may look like below picture.


Step 04:          Select Wipe data/factory rest option using volume button.

Step 05:          Confirm your choice by selecting Yes– delete all user data by pressing volume button down.

Your mobile phone will restart and you would see all your lock and data are deleted and your mobile will be as fresh as a new one.


Make your phone faster

Make your Android phone or any Android tablet work fast and efficient

make your mobile phone quick

With the development of technology mobile phone becomes indispensable commodity in our daily life. Every body is attracted by new and ever popular and increasing functionalities of Mobile phone. Every person wants to use more and more apps in his mobile phone. But limited mobile memory restricted them. We are in big problem we want to use unlimited mobile apps with limited mobile memory.

Besides this when we install app and uninstall some of its file remain undeleted in our mobile phone memory that make cause to slow down our mobile phone. Here are some tips and trick that may help you get ride of used or captured memory by unknown apps. App following these instruction you can make your mobile phone past and efficient.

  1. Use app to clear your mobile cache or storage.

This is very easy fast method to clear or wash out your mobile’s unnecessary files because you have to do nothing just go play sore and download any app. These apps are very useful for this purpose. Besides this these apps provide more function to manage your apps in mobile.

  1. Delete unnecessary data.

Delete unnecessary data and file from your storage device make more space for further data and files. When your mobile’s storage would be free, your mobile will easy search any file from you memory cards.

  1. Uninstall applications

You can uninstall your mobile apps. After using apps you should uninstall apps. But before uninstall any apps make sure it does not have any useful file or data.

  1. Move your data online

This is very easy and advance method that helps your mobile work fast. You should use online tools to move your personal data like pictures, audio, video and any readable file to online. For this purpose many websites provides sufficient storage. Like Google’ Gmail account, you can easily move your personal computer or mobile’s data to this type of account.

  1. Clear cache memory

You can make your mobile work fast just following few steps. These steps help you to a lot to make your mobile fast.

Manu>sitting>apps>Manage application>select apps>Clear cache

Just follow above mention steps. Your mobile apps’ cache will be deleted.

  1. Move your app to SD card

Moving you apps to SD Card is also very easy. Just follow these steps.

Manu>sitting>apps>Manage application>select apps>Move to internal storage

  1. Make backup

Mobile phone is electronic device that could damage at any time. Its data, information and contents can be lost at any time just one click. So you should make backup of your data. For this purpose you can use built in install app backup or install any backup app from Play store.

  1. Resetting

This is last option that can make your mobile at same setting as company set for you. If you have enough knowledge you can use this option other wise above mention tips are the best for you.

  1. Reduce animation.

You can make you android phone faster by reducing some animation that are installed or saved in your mobile phone.


Window 10’s important and Interesting Feature:


Window 10’s important and Interesting Feature:

Here are some important and interesting features of windows 10. In this window the Microsoft introduced some new features that are very important for the new and old user of window.

Update Free:

Yes , if you are running on  you computer window 7 and Window 8.1 you can update your window on Window 10 free of cost. This is very easy and flexible feature of window that makes it very prominent in the eyes of window lovers and users. The best part of the window is that every user who uses Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets will be able to run Window 10 Operating system on his/her devices.

Large Start Menu:

In Window 10 the start menu is presented in full screen than other windows version like Window 8.1. This Start menu has quick start button and also has Wi-Fi on and off button. Besides this, action center has a Notification center. That is helpful for the new user and alerts the user for latest updates.

Easy switch to Desktop and Tablet mode:

In Window 10 Microsoft introduced a quick button. By pressing this button you can turn your Window 10 in Desktop mode and Tablet mode. This 2 in 1 function is very useful and makes the Window more flexible.

The huge collection of Apps for Computer:

In Window 10, Microsoft introduced universal apps design. This design will help the window to modify in any form will be able to work across PCs, laptop, smart phones and tablets. Different types of apps will help the user to edit his/her documents more quickly and easily.

More important feature is that if you have multiple pictures on your Smartphone or other devices merged together and app will automatically delete the duplicate files. This feature enhances your photography’s experience.

Quicker Browser with added functions:

On Spartan some of the new features will allows users search a webpage using touch interface. Reading mode of Window 10 is same as Apple’s Safari that will put different articles in a different layout safe the user from unnecessary elements on a page.

Gaming Features on Window 10:

In Window 10 a new and ever populated feature is introduced and that is Gaming. Playing game becomes easier then before. Window 10 also bring cross play which lets user play with a friend on Xbox One while they are using a Window 10 PC. Besides this with the help of Game DVR, user can share their most important gaming moments on an Xbox by pressing Window+G.  Xbox feature is very remarkable features for those gamer and lover of games.

How to Recovered your Pictures

Recover you DAta

 Recovered your Pictures and Files from your Android and PC.

Recovering your deleted Pictures and Files is very easy. You need not worry about Pictures and Files that you have lost accidentally. You can get back your deleted data and information just in a very simple method. This method is also helpful for your Android Mobile phone deleted data and information.

In the Market many software are available for recovering data from your computer and Mobile phone. Some software are free and while other are trail version. For better and full performance I would like to recommend you to download full version software. But the software which I would like to share is available for free version and you can purchase full version. For downloading you just have to follow the instructions step by step.

Step 01 : For download the software click the link below or search recuva from Google.com
Click here: Download Recuva software
Here a page will open that look like below picture. Click the red circle area.

download 01

I will recommend click (pinform.com) if you are using Window 7 32 bit

Step 02: As you click above mention link. Your browser will take you a new page that is look like this.

Downlaod 02Again Click the Red Circled area. After some while your required software will start download.

Step:03 As downloading completed. Run the setup of software and follow the instructions. First step is look like this.

download 03

Step 04: As the software will run it would look like this. Click the categories in which you like to search and press Next:

dowload 04

Step :05 After that a new  box will appear on your screen that would look like below picture. Select the partition where you would like to save your recovered data and information and press next. After some time your file would be recovered. Check the data .

dowload 05

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Protect Your Facebook Account

How To Protect Your Facebook Account Being Hacked.


Hacked Facebook Account is not unusual problem. Most of you’ve got skilled with this hassle. You wander off your manipulate over your Facebook account and a while this is end up a very extreme problem. You need to lose all of your personal facts and posts. But problem is that we would not prevent ourselves a hundred% attached of hackers.

Just follow the following precautions and save your Facebook Account.

  • Spammy Video links

This is very common tricks used by hacker or other person to hack your Facebook account. In this way you have sent a video link. As you open it Spammers are targeting Facebook to Spread links of Spammy videos, Which on your click redirects you and takes control of your Facebook account to Spam on other Facebook comments, you might not be even aware that your account has been hacked.

  • Prevent from Faked Auto liker websites.

fake auto liker

This is very important tricks to hack some one account. In this trick you are offered to get free likes on you page. At this user fall pray and click the link that transfer user some other sites that is same as Facebook. But it was not real Facebook it was hacker’s site that look like Facebook. There you are asked to enter your Facebook User Name and Password.
As you enter User Name and Password some processing start, you think that system in trying to login but actually nothing going to happen. Just your User name and password is sent to hacker.
So make sure before logging in such website.

  • Message from Facebook

In this way you are send some links and you are forced to click on it, it is may by some hacker’ tricks or cookie stealing apps. This may also to cause to loosing you Facebook account. So it is better don’t pay attention to this type of message and ignore it. In this way you can save your Facebook account from being hacked.

Important Note: Facebook never send you such messages.

  • Some Furthers Precaution:
  • other precaustions

Add your phone number and Change its privacy to Only me.
Add People as Friends that you know personally.
Turn on Notification when you log in to your Facebook account.
Change your Password Frequently.


How To Double The Speed of Window 7


To Double the Speed of Window is Very Easy Now.

Window 7 is maximum well-known model of Microsoft Corporation. The business enterprise attempted its fine to make it consumer friendly. And also tried to offer all fundamental facilities. Most essential function of this winnow is its photo appeal that makes it lovelier
But as there are numerous capabilities that make it beautiful other facet there are some different issue that make it little sluggish. But now you don’t fear, here I would love to share with you some hints to help you to make rapid your Window 7

  • Disable Aero

Disable Aero

If you aren’t interested by picture mood and not using excessive Definition photo Card for gaming and different image work. So you can simply press unmarried button you window 7 will paintings fast nearly all responsibilities.
For doing this: Right Click on Desktop, go to Personalize then select any of ‘Basic and High Contrast Themes

  • Increase Page file Size

To run easily window 7 required more memory, which is referred to as virtual memory. Digital memory facilitates the consumer to open more files in equal time on computer. In case your RAM is 4GB or extra then it’s far everyday but if your RAM isn’t enough you can use your difficult Disk area as virtual reminiscence. That will help you to run fast your Window 7.
For this : Right Click on My Computer, select Properties. Go to Advanced tab and click on setting button under ‘Performance.
Customize your pagfile and increased your space.

  • Windows 7 Disk Clean up

As your recognize and still have skilled while window runs for a month or more than its started out working slow velocity. This is because all through operating window make many transient files that motive to gradual speed of your computer.
You ought to to clean up undesirable report after a while. It’s far very useful hints. You have to maintain in thoughts. For doing This ;
Right click on each disk, go to properties and press Disk Cleanup button. In next screen you can select file types to delete and start clean up.

disk clean

  • Run Error-Checking on disks

This is another method to improve performance of disk. It will check and correct any system files or physical disk errors on Windows 7 computer.

Select Error-check under tools in each disk with both options selected. If the particular partition is a system, boot or having paging file then error-checking will start in next boot.

disk error checking

  • Disable Windows Defender

Window Defender do equal activity as your Any antivirus software you while you the usage of any Antivirus software program you should make clear that your Window defender is Disable
click manipulate Panel and choose Window defender.

  • Make Sure the Compatibility of drivers and programs:

Despite the fact that Window installs on the whole software program and motive force automatically. But some new and superior computer must required some well suited motive force that assist the window to run smoothly.

make compatiable
Because when Driver and programs have not proper driver Window 7 make errors.

  • Remove Unwanted Programs

We regularly install a few software’s program on our laptop most effective for just take a look at. After that we don’t use that types of software program and forgot to uninstall from pc. This forms of software program use your reminiscence (RAM) and also use area your hard power,
So you should remove all unnecessary software from you computer so computer worked fast

  • Safe your computer from Virus and Thread

This is very crucial characteristic which you need to do even as you’re the use of net and records visitor gadgets like USB. Memory Card. Due to the fact this is most source of spreading virus, for this cause installation replace Antivirus packages for your pc. And replace it frequently