How to Install Window 7

install window

Installing Window 7 is very easy

Here I would like to give some information to Install Window 7 on your Desktop Computer and Laptop. But make sure Keyboard and Mouse connected with your Computer and working properly.

The steps to install window 7 are same but booting process would be changed PCs to PCs.

STEP # 01      Insert Window 7 DVD on your DVD Room of your Computer and restart your Computer.

STEP # 02      Press the F12 keys from your key board. Computer will show you a screen in which Three to Five options are given and asked you select one of them and that will be. You select Boot from DVD/CD Room. And press Enter button from your Keyboard.

Here this screen will be show on your screen. It means window’s installation is started properly.

Window 7 instaling  01

STEP # 03      When the above STEP will be complete. The following Screen would be display on your Monitor’ screen. Here you do nothing but select the Button Install Now and precede the next step

Window 7 instaling  02

STEP # 04      Here the window will display just License Agreement. You just Click the check box I Agree and press the Next

Window 7 instaling  08

STEP # 05      After Select the Agreement screen, following screen would be display on your screen. Here are TWO options for your. First One is Upgrade and Second is Custom (advanced). if you wany only just upgrade your existing window Click upgrade. If you want to install new window copy on your Computer Click Custom (advanced)

Window 7 instaling  03


STEP # 06       This is very important SETP of installing of window 7 on your Computer. Here the screen Display your Hard Drive. If you want to install Partition of your Hard Drive select partition and Press the icon Delete. After Deleting all Partitions you would like to make new Partition select the Disk Space and press the Icon new. You will be asked to allow the memory or space to assign on partition. It is up to you. But point is keeping in mind that Installation Window 7 your Drive should be more than 15 GB. After installing window all other necessary software would easily installed. And press next

Window 7 instaling  04

STEP # 07       When you have completed the STEP # 06. It means you have Partitions to install Window. Here just select partition in which you would like to install window and press next and sit in relax. Because this step will take more than Five Mint.

Window 7 instaling  05

STEP # 08       This is the easiest STEP, because you have nothing to you but wait to complete the process. At this point your computer would restart but you need not worried because it is part of installation.

Window 7 instaling  06

STEP # 09       When all your necessaries file installed on your Drive your computer asked you to restart press Restart Button. After restarting your computer a screen would be shown on you monitor in which you are asked to enter Name. Type your Name and press next to proceeded.

Window 7 instaling  07

STEP #10        This is last step in installing Window 7. Here you are asked to select time zoon and your computer Brand. It all to you to you if you know about your computer Brand Name ( Dell. Hp, Acer etc) or skip the button. And after that your computer will be restart and following screen would display on your monitor.




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