Facebook has increased rooming capacity by 50 users.

Facebook has increased rooming capacity by 50 users.


Picture by pexels.com 

People are forced lock up themselves in house due to coronavirus. It is very hard to spend time in isolation. People involve themselves in different types of activates to keep them busy. They do so because they want to keep in touch with their friend.  As result of this the use of different types of Social Networking apps and website is increased. Although, there are many choices for the user in this regard like Zoom, Skype, Instagram and ever popular Facebook

But as usual Facebook introduced something different and unique to its customers.  Yes Now 50 Facebook user can participate in Group video calling with Messenger Rooming in totally free. You need not any especial type of account for this purpose. Just one thing you should have Facebook Messenger.

Messenger says about features

Conversations come to life on Messenger

Click above link to read all detailed features Messenger. 

When you start video calling Room provides you a link through which you allow anyone join in Calling. With this feature you can share the room with your Facebook friends and groups.

The duration of video calling is unlimited. Besides this Room Host can add and remove the user at any time. The basic aim of the company is to increase live streaming features of Facebook and Instagram.

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